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  Front (First) Surface Mirror
  Smaller F. S. Mirrors for Audio Visual, Photography and Bino Mounts



  Standard sizes from 1/4" (6mm), or 1/6" (4mm) thickness glass.
  Size Price (inc. p+p) Size Price (including p&p)
  4 x 8" (100 x 200mm) £32.00 10 x 8" (250 x 200mm) £46.00
  6 x 8" (150 x 200mm) £34.00 10 x 10" (250 x 250mm) £54.00
  8 x 8" (200 x 200mm) £36.00 10 x 12" (250 x 300mm) £60.00

Examples of use are for photography, audio-visual projection and reflex binocular mounts, because the reflection comes from the front face there are no 'ghost' double images as would be caused by normal 'looking glass' mirror.
Please note that for most orders, mirrors are made/cut to customers requirements. It should be possible to supply directly from stock, but not in all instances. If you need an item by a specific date, you must make us aware of the situation when ordering.
If there were to be a delay of more than a few days in sending out your order, we would call you and take payment only when the goods were ready to send.

You may have any size to your specification with sizes cut to mm or inches. The standard sizes above are given as a useful guide to mirror cost. These and smaller sizes are also available in thinner glass. Mirrors are normally cut to +/- one mm. These are all manufactured from Pilkington, best quality float glass. Mirrors are normally smoothed with no sharp edges and slightly blunted corners for safety.

  Glass Optically Finished 3/8" (10mm)
  Size Price (incl p&p) Size Price (incl p&p)
  4" x 8"(100 x 200mm) £40.00 10 x 8" (250 x 200mm) £70.00
  6" x 8" (150 x 200mm) £46.00 10" x 10" (250 x 250mm) £82.00
  8" x 8" (200 x 200mm) £54.00 12" x 12" (300 x 300mm) £96.00

This glass is specified as being to an accuracy of 1/2 wave over any 2" ( 50 mm ) area of the surface. UNFORTUNATELY, we only have a few pieces of various sizes left. The prices above give an idea of cost. Please inquire for precise sizes available if interested.

INFORMATION ABOUT F. S. MIRRORS FOR BINOCULAR MOUNTS. Practical tests have shown that the standard Pilkington float supplies as good an image when used for this purpose as does the 10 mm 'optical' glass. The standard float can be satisfactorily used for binoculars with magnification up to 12x and lenses up to 60mm diameter. It can also be used for binoculars magnifying up to 20x with lenses up to 80 mm diameter, if carefully selected by optical testing. If you need a piece for a larger binocular please ask for a price. For binoculars larger than 20x80, you would almost certainly need optical flats with an optical accuracy better than 1/2 wave over the whole surface. Sorry, we cannot help with this. We know customers who have obtained suitable pieces from 'army surplus' supplies.

We also provide a re-coating service for sextant mirrors camera mirrors and prisms. Here

Also any other optical mirror that needs front surface re-coating. Here

  Vacuum Coatings Scientific Mirrors


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We are not always able to immediately answer. If you connect with our answerphone, please leave a message stating, if possible, what you need and where possible size(s) if applicable. Also make sure you leave a contact telephone number for reply. Mobile phone reception can be variable, so please be as clear as possible when using mobile phones.